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Mixed Team Fencing Challenge

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This is a time to celebrate and participate in building Fencers Club's secure future. With a matching grant of $30,000 from Fencers Club's Chairman of the Board, our Vision of 2020 is becoming clearer.

Fencers Club is a diverse community of members and friends. It is a home to up-and-coming youth fencers, returning and new adult fencers, elite athletes, Olympians, and dedicated coaches. On December 13, 2018, we will have purchased a permanent space adjacent to the Empire State Building. In over our 135-year history of the club, this is the first time Fencers Club will own its permanent home.

We will be celebrating and building Fencers Club's secure future with a Mixed Team Fencing Event for foil, epee and sabre. The teams will reflect the diversity of Fencers Club and will be comprised of youth to senior athletes in all three weapons. The format of the event will be a team relay, and all the participating fencers will contribute equally to their team's success. Trophies awarded will be displayed in our new home in 2020.

More importantly, this is an opportunity for our younger members to take ownership of the club. Fencers Club is a community where our youth learn to fence, learn how to apply themselves, and build experiences that are essential building blocks of a productive and successful future.

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